How to- Garlic cloves.

How many times have you gone to use fresh garlic only to get frustrated by the sticky, paper like peeling?  How many times have you thought “why is this so difficult! why can’t there be an easier way”. How many times have you changed your mind on the fresh garlic and quickly switched to powder?
If you thought you were alone with the frustration well let me tell you…you’re not!  I’ve had this same problem till I taught myself how. Now when I see those awful infomercials for tacky kitchen equipment I laugh because it’s just SO EASY do to it yourself.
Soon you’ll be throwing away your powdered garlic, and using this super easy trick to peel and chop garlic all of the time.  Which in the long run is the better choice anyways;  Powdered garlic has none of the health benefits of fresh garlic, costs more, and takes more to get that garlic taste you really want…Which never really happens, because nothing beats freshly chopped garlic.

Cutting board.

1. Gather the equipment you will need, this will include a cutting board, a knife, a damp cloth to secure the cutting board, a bowl to put the garlic in, and of course your garlic.
2. Place the cutting board on top of the damp cloth.
3. Cut the root at the end of the garlic clove off and toss away.
4. Place your knife flat on top of the clove, press down as hard as you can till it crushes.  Or you can hit the knife with your palm to crush the garlic, however be careful not to cut yourself.
5. You will easily be able to slide the garlic peeling off now! Toss the peeling away.
6. Sometimes when your garlic is older a green bitter root forms in the middle of your clove.  You can easily remove this by cutting the clove in half and picking it out.
7. Now you continue to chop the garlic as finely as you want.
8. If you would like to “puree” it, just angle your knife to almost be flat against the cutting board and over top of the garlic at the same time. Use force to drag your knife towards you, keep doing till your desired consistency.

**I’d like to give credit to two awesome guys who helped me today.  I wouldn’t of been able to do this demonstration with out them.  To my younger brother Wyatt Albert who expertly chopped the garlic while I took the photos, and to his friend Michael Rains who helped with lighting, thanks for holding that lamp up!


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