Thoughts on deep-fried sushi rolls.

Sushi, something that has been around for centuries. Something that started off as a way of preserving fish in rice.  It later grew into a whole meal in Japan where fermented rice and fish we placed together in boxes and set aside.  These days what is known “traditional sushi” is sushi rice with a slice raw fish placed on top.  However if you look at what we know as sushi on the Western side of the world, you could say it’s a little outrageous compared to its traditional elder.  For me I’m a strong believer in the evolution of food, creating new ideas and making something simple into something that could very well taste or look better.  So western sushi is fantastic in my eyes.  The colour’s, the different flavour…When you get a roll and you can just tell someone was being creative with it, is completely awesome.  But then again, traditional sushi is also very delicious and actually refreshing.  It’s a nice breather from how hectic and unhealthy ours can really be.
Speaking of unhealthy sushi, that gets me on today’s topic of deep-fried sushi rolls, or also known as tempura sushi rolls.  I’m not talking about tempura inside the sushi rolls, I’m talking about whole roll battered and deep-fried. Healthy right?  I think not. I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about it lately, seeing it all over the internet and even in sushi bars.  Something that I never really noticed before, so it must be new.  If it has been around for a while than I must be blind, because I’ve been eating in sushi bars for years and only ever saw its cousin the sushi pizza.
I think this is a great way to get more people into sushi bars of the Western world, getting people to enjoy different versions of sushi and have them explore.  It also tastes great!  However, I think it also has its down sides.  This version of sushi can hide what sushi actually is to “new” sushi eaters, having people mistake this type for traditional.  A lot of people also seem to think all sushi is healthy sushi, not taking into account that something may be deep-fried or packed full of sugar.  So keep that in mind everyone!
Personally I think everyone should indulge in this once in a while, why not have a party in your mouth?
Combining two simply delicious items (tempura and sushi) into one is pure genius.  Just eat it in moderation and remember to embrace your fears of raw fish and eat it traditionally too!  Something you thought was scary or disgusting may become your favourite food.   Always try something new instead of sticking to what is considered to be “normal”.

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts on tempura sushi is.

**These photos are not my own, I did not make any of these.  I simply googled to give you a better understanding.  Who ever did take/make them though, thank you!~


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on deep-fried sushi rolls.

  1. I just like the traditional style. I grew up in Hawaii, which is almost an Asian country, so the idea of frying sushi seems poor.

    Now I am getting hungry for sushi!!

    • Growing up in Hawaii must of been super cool!
      Yeah I really do like traditional better, deep fries can become sickening. 1/2 till deep fries or a million rolls of traditional.

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