Bigger is not always better.

Everyone has heard the saying “bigger is better”, bigger house, bigger car, bigger blankets, a bigger set a boobs…and even well, a bigger package on the lower half of a male’s body.  However what if I told you bigger is not always better, there are some things where it’s not best or gets to the point where it’s to big.  For example, food.  Everyone says they want bigger portions and bigger vegetables or meats but where does that get you?  Not very far…well I mean it might last you a while but there are things that you’re sacrificing.

Bigger portions sizes cause people to over eat this has become a huge problems over the years all across North America.  People seem to think that you’re not full unless you’re busting out of your pants and eating mountains of food.  Restaurants have a huge problem with giving away larger portions; However when they try to cut back people complain about it. Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing, you can always take it home and save it for later!  I’m just saying, just because that’s what they give you doesn’t mean you have to eat it all at once.  We don’t need more health problems than we already have.  Don’t throw it away though!  The other negative with larger portions is that people will eat half and throw the rest out, causing a lot of food waste.

Bigger vegetable, bigger shell-fish, bigger fruits, etc…what does all of this have in common?  Lack of flavour and lack of nutrients.  You always see people growing super sized cucumbers and other things but is it really that great?  I don’t think so.  When you buy much bigger fruits and vegetable you lose out on flavour.  They start to taste dull and almost like some sucked all the juice out of it.  Another thing you lose out on is nutrients, something you would hope you get but don’t always.  For shellfish the meat starts to become rubbery and not very good, eating it becomes a challenge.  Now don’t take this to the extreme and go buy super tiny food products, there is a fine line on what is “too big”.  For example if a scallop is as big as your hand, there’s a 99% chance it’ll be rubbery.  If a carrot is the size of 10 or even 20 normal sized carrots…it’s not going to taste very good.  It’s best to avoid it for great tasting food.
Now I also have a positive on bigger foods.  If you can’t afford to buy more of something and it’s cheaper to buy the huge cucumber please do!  Sometimes people have struggles and this is the only way; This is a good way to have more of something.  You don’t loose all nutrients, just some.   So in all, there are pro and cons, just like everything else.  Hopefully this will help you to have better tasting food and make healthier choices.




2 thoughts on “Bigger is not always better.

  1. This is very true and sadly gives rise to places such as our famous American chain, Golden Corral. A place that people love because they can stuff themselves until their stomachs almost burst. Sadly the food tastes like a good day in a high school cafeteria and is cooked with the same amount of love and caring.

    In the U.S., another bad example of to big is the packaging. In Europe, the packages and containers are smaller and the quality of the food lasts longer. For a single person with no roomies, you end up tossing out food which is terrible.

    Well, one day we will get it right.

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