How to- Preserving, canning method.

I had bought a book in Toronto, Ontario on different preserving methods and a variety of recipes; I have been wanting to test it out for a while.  So that’s what I did, preserving of the canning variety…and when I say canning, I’m talking about mason jars.  Not actual tin cans.
Every time I think of this procedure I often remember my grandmother…whom is very much alive and hilarious.  When I was a little girl she use to pickle beets, well she probably still does; However being in a different province than her makes it hard to enjoy her delicious beets.  Anyways, she pickled beets and I would enjoy them every year, and that’s a huge memory of my childhood.  That’s why I decided to take canning and preserving up.  It’s something that has been lost over the years and I feel people really need to start getting back into it.
It is also something that is very useful in my career.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking this preserving method and creating a variety of recipes to share.  So prepare yourself for a whole lot of deliciousness…in a “can”.

Also a big shout out to my home-brah and colleague Davo Wallace for helping me preserve (and making sure I didn’t break anything). …yes I did call him home-brah.

A very large pot and medium or small pot.
Mason jars.
Cutting board.
Measuring spoons/cups.

A variety of ingredients, it really depends what you want in it.
People often use lots of salt, or sugar.  You can also make a brine, using salt, vinegar, sugar and a variety of spices/herbs you happen to enjoy.
The main ingredient you are preserving, such as: cucumbers, citrus fruits or even eggs.

1. Boil your large pot of water till it is simmering.
Prepare your ingredients, for me that would be tons of salt, lemons cut and some juiced, and spices.  Combine all but juice and some salt.
3. Make sure to wash your jars and lids well in hot soapy water.  Once rinsed, sanitize in the simmering water for about a minute.  Be careful taking them back out.  Bring water to a complete rolling boil!!!
4. While jars are still hot place you ingredients into the jars. Including the juice and remaining salt poured on top.
5. Wipe the rim of the jars with a clean damp towel.
6. Centre the middle part of the lid onto the jar and twist the other half until it is resistant.
7. Carefully place jars in boiling water, making sure water covers the jars by about 1 inch. I leave my jars in the water for about 5- 10 minutes depending on what it is containing and how much. Turn water off leaving jars inside for about 5 minutes till water is settled.
8. Carefully take jars out and leave at room temperature till cool.  To see if the seal worked properly tap or lightly push the middle of the lid, if it doesn’t move, is stiff and looks sucked inwards it worked!
9. For storage keep in a cool dark area, refrigeration is not needed till open.


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