My thoughts on coffee.

A couple of years ago I ran a different kind of blog, a blog on facts.  I’d do activities or search for weird things around the city, take a photo and write the story behind it.  Along with all of those things the main attraction was the facts I would post about the activity or item; Facts would range anywhere between when something was created to myths that were created among the years.  One thing that I had written about was coffee and how I feel so passionately about it.  Within this post I had written about the different types of beans, where they grew, and how flavour profiles adapted to the bean the same way grapes for wine grew.   So with all that being said, here is a similar post for you to enjoy.

In North America people are often “to busy” to enjoy a really nice cup of coffee.  They grew to enjoy the quick benefits of caffeine instead of actually enjoying a flavour.  Not saying everyone is like that, I certainly am not, and I am not saying quick benefits of caffeine is a bad thing either.  Instead of sacrificing one, why not enjoy both?!  A lot of people seem to think that you need to spend tons of money on nice coffee or spend a lot of time making it.  While that can be true, not always.  I enjoy fantastic coffee by buying a bag of beans for $10 and it takes me 2-5 minutes to make it in an auto-drip maker.  If you do have extra time though making coffee by hand in a French press or hand drip is defiantly worth it.
**There are more cons than pros to pre-ground, blend coffee.
Cons would be, a blander coffee, awful flavour combo, burns faster, starts to lose flavour faster.
Pros are quick and easy..and sometimes but not always cheaper. (I wonder why?)
**There are more pros than cons to whole beans.
Cons would be, can take longer to make (by about 1 minute), buy more often.
Pros would be, more flavourful coffee, fresher coffee, doesn’t burn as fast, doesn’t start to lose flavour as quickly, can be just as cheap as blend, can still be made in a auto drip maker.
By enjoying a whole bean instead of blend, you can start to taste where that type of bean was grown.  Different beans have different tastes and aromas.  Exactly like different types of wines.
If you do decide to buy whole beans, store them in an air tight container in a dark cool area.  Such as a cupboard away from the stove.  If you feel as if you will not use all these beans in a weeks time you can store some in a freezer.  I find it best to separate into a few containers, leaving one out for use till the next is needed.

People often don’t understand why I feel so strongly about coffee, they say things like…”why do you care so much it’s just a cup of jo”.  Well here’s why, if I’m going to drink something everything day it better be friggin’ good.  Life is to short to be drinking bad coffee.  Why would I want to put something into my mouth that tastes burnt, or like dirt? There’s no need to have everything in exactly 2 seconds, or for everything to be “convenient”.  Take your time, enjoy something…like the rest of the world does.  Know that there is more to it than meets the eye.

Every now and again…sometimes more often than not, I will buy a latte or a cappuccino. To me espresso based drinks are wonderful, I don’t think there is anything wrong with them.  Unless of course you tell me you love coffee but all you drink is vanilla lattes with extra whip…For someone to love coffee you should be able to drink a regular and still completely enjoy it, am I right?  My favourite specialty drink are cappuccino; It’s just a frothy espresso, delicious right?  When Fall comes around though, watch out I over do the pumpkin spice lattes.  The latte art always impresses me, one day I’ll know how to do it properly!

So tell me everyone, how do you take your coffee? Mines with some milk/cream or like I said above a cappuccino/latte.

P.s. My older blog does not exists anymore.


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