Preserved, “mojito” limes.

Last week I was having some troubles with my creativity, you know like any other person who expresses them selves.  This week however is a completely different story; My writers block is gone and I’m ready to post!   Like I mentioned two weeks ago several of my upcoming posts will be on preserving.  I’ll be posting three different recipes with three different citrus fruits, following the preserving method I posted first.  This is citrus fruit number two!  I will link you to the canning post when we arrive at the method section.

Mojitos, a popular drink indeed.  A drink that in my 21 years of life and the 3 years of “legal” drinking, I have yet to try.  So you ask, what is so awesome and delicious about this drink anyways? And how would you know that it is if you have never tried it?  Well you see I have had these flavours in other things before, and well it is very much so delicious.  I don’t need alcohol to know that a combination of flavours is either a magical elixir, or some witches brew you should probably avoid.
Now wouldn’t it be fantastic if this combination was blended, mixed into some cream, and frozen to make one heck of an ice cream?  Oh boy would it ever be refreshing on a hot summer’s day.  What if you did bake it into a cheesecake, I bet hundreds of people would line up just for a sample…actually I might be exaggerating, it doesn’t hurt to dream big right?
This weeks citrus fruit is, you guessed it. Limes; preserved mojito limes to be exact.

Large pot.
Mason jars
Cutting board.
Medium bowl.
Measuring cups.
Wooden spoon/normal spoon.
Dish cloth

6 limes. (depending on size of mason jar)
Lots of brown sugar, probably a cup- packed.
A bunch of mint.
Pinch or two of ground coarse salt for flavour.

1. Cut 4 limes into wedges or slices, Juice the remaining two and set juice aside.
2. Roughly chop mint.
3. Combine sugar, salt, mint, juice, and limes in a bowl.  Squish limes and mint together making them soft. Set aside.
4. Follow the link to the canning method I previously posted. How to- Preserving, canning method.


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