Preserved lemons.

I never liked tartar sauce, it always seemed disgusting to me for some reason…and same with fish sticks.  It might have something to do with always encountering them from a jar or box.  Recently that all changed, I had finally tried a tartar sauce that was made by hand and to my surprise it was delicious;  Same goes for fish sticks.  Who knew making something could taste so much better….well I did, but for some reason I never wanted to give this sauce any type of chance.  After that experience I had tried and tested all sorts of recipes.  The one that stood out the most was one that had preserved lemons in it.
So here it is, the last preserved citrus fruit post….for now.  This week post is on preserved lemons and they are very delicious to add to any savoury food such as, tartar sauce.   You will be directed to the canning post I wrote several weeks ago once you get to the method section.

Large pot.
Mason jars
Cutting board.
Medium bowl.
Measuring cups.
Wooden spoon/normal spoon.
Dish cloth.
Grinder (for salt).

5-6 lemons.
A lot of coarse salt. (I used a pink rock salt)
Bay leaves.

1. Cut lemons into wedges leaving 2 for juicing. Juice the lemons.
2. Crush salt, rub a bunch directly into lemons.  Combine juice, cloves, bay leaves and more salt.
3. Place the mixture into the mason jars and sprinkle a little more salt on top.
4. Follow the canning method I posted several weeks ago by clicking the following link.  How to- Canning method.
5. Every once in a while give it a shake to mix up all the salt and liquid.


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