Spicy beef jerky.

My family and I took a road trip home to Campbellton, New Brunswick for Easter weekend;  Where we would see the rest of our family.  As we were planning out the basics like: what time we were going, who’s coming in our car, and what snacks to bring.  I had thrown out the idea of making some beef jerky for the trip.  Everyone loved the idea.  We normally buy it on the road but it’s just so expensive;  It’s so much cheaper to make it yourself and it really takes no effort at all!
So the next day we picked up a roast, sliced it as thin a possible and combined a bunch of sauces and spices together for a marinade.  I let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours (because we really didn’t have that much time)and put it in the dehydrator, rotating every several hours to evenly dry each piece!

Yields: 1 whole roast  Prep time: 20 minutes  Total time: 24+ hours

Cutting board.
Measuring spoons and cups.
Container for marinating.
Container for jerky storage.

Ingredients: **All the measurements really depends on how big your roast is, and how strong you like it.  This is just a basic guideline!!**
Beef roast.
soy sauce.
Chili flakes.
Sprinkle of sugar.
Cracked black pepper.
Garlic cloves-minced.


  1. Thinly slice your roast; The thinness should be about paper-thin.  Cutting your pieces to thick will cause it to take longer to dry and harder to eat.
  2. Mince your garlic (If you struggle with this you can follow the link to my how to on garlic).  Combine all ingredients and let marinate in fridge for at least one hour or over night.
  3. Plug your dehydrator in and evenly place your meat on the trays.  Place cover on top.  The open space on top of the cover effects how long it will take to dry (bigger space the longer it will take, closed more the faster it will be!); I like to keep mine somewhere in the middle.
  4. Rotate the trays, making sure that each level gets a good amount of heat.  Example would be taking the bottom tray and putting it on the top and continuing this everyone several hours.   As you check your jerky, remove any pieces that have already dried.  This will prevent over dehydration.
  5. ENJOY!!



3 thoughts on “Spicy beef jerky.

  1. My heathen pals from South Africa loved to make Biltong, which is a South African jerky. It was pretty good I must say. Yours must be too since the last pictures showed someone going into a carnivorous rage!

    Have a groovy weekend!

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